Realizing a Sustainable & Fashion-Friendly Future

fashion model

Haven't you heard? The fashion industry is out of control.

And it's forcing people to reconsider their spending habits. 

A movement is stirring in the fashion & clothing industry. A grassroots movement that rejects the established norms of excess & consumption on a massive & global scale. In its stead, ideals like sustainability and conservation are not just realistic, they’re attainable. GEOME subscribes to this ideology, and many more fashion startups do as well. But ideals can’t get traction without presenting themselves to the world. So the runway is where the first battle is fought.. and it never looked so good.

Unlike a traditional fashion show where models walk the runway and viewers observe from their seats, the Slate Collective: Session 01 offered an alternative approach. Slate Collective (a dynamic new apparel brand) deconstructed the standard template and flipped it inside out by having the models in a gallery setting with the viewers walking about the venue. Finally, the audience has been given an opportunity to slow down and soak in the beauty.

Models wearing original Slate Collective apparel & GEOME jewelry were divided into three different atmospheric environments: “introspective,” “daytime/ leisure,” & “nightlife”. Each model was elevated above the viewers on lit platforms while demonstrating beautifully posed real-life activities of their respective environments. The unique approach gave viewers a tangible look at the flexibility of each aesthetic.

Just like GEOME, the Slate Collective’s philosophy is to create fewer, higher quality pieces, celebrating “made by hand” and championing the idea that owning one versatile masterpiece is more rewarding than owning a thousand mass-produced items. GEOME completely supports and upholds these ideals, so we were thrilled to team up for a collaboration- especially one that demonstrates what the future of fashion looks like.

The results were overwhelmingly positive- but startups like GEOME & Slate Collective and many others need your support in gaining traction. So be different. Join the movement.

fashion event poster