Pro Care Tips

At GEOME, we use only the highest quality materials for our jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, & pendants produced by GEOME will be properly marked with one or more "stamps". Use this stamp to determine the metals used for your piece as different metals will require different care.  Why is that?  Simply put, it's chemistry.

Stamps you will see on our pieces:
14K = 58.5% Gold
18K = 75.0% Gold
925 = 92.5% Silver (sterling)
999  =  99.9% Silver (fine silver)
GEOME = Our "maker's mark"

Gold, being an antibacterial metal, will not react to ordinary substances and will require very little care apart from routine check-ups to ensure structural integrity of the piece & any stones. 
Silver conversely, with it's breathtaking 'frost', can be a more temperamental material to care for, as even high-end silver jewelry can appear a little discolored or dirty over time. This discoloration is called "tarnish" and it is perfectly normal and treatable.

Here are some general rules & tips:

You may have heard it said, "The best defense is a good offense." This holds true when it comes to maintaining your sterling silver jewelry. Going to the gym after work? Bring your jewelry's container to store your pieces in. Knowing what you're getting into & taking appropriate countermeasures will ensure the longevity of your piece's finish & integrity.

2. WEAR your jewelry often.
Your skin's oils will actually help to keep your pieces clean and maintain their brilliance.

3. DO NOT WEAR your jewelry all the time.
GEOME's jewelry pieces are all premium luxury accessories. And even though you may want to look your best all the time, there are some situations where it's best not to wear them.

Chlorine (& other chemicals in pools and hot tubs) may react with the metal and cause discoloration and or damage the material itself. 

Not only will your jewelry get dirty from sweat & grime, its also in danger of scratching, snagging, denting, & breaking or worse, catching in equipment.

Dirt & Dust will eventually build-up diminishing the impact & brilliant of the piece.

One word: food.

Harsh chemicals in cleaners, such as ammonia for example, can corrode the metal, not just effecting the finish but eating away the metal. 

You might think showering with your jewelry will keep it clean, but soapy skin is actually the number one cause of build-up.

4. NEVER use jewelry cleaner
Jewelry should be cleaned by a professional. Most jewelry cleaners that are available to the public are made up of ingredients that can affect your jewelry especially if left in there to long. 

5. STORE separately
If you've just invested in an original GEOME piece, know that GEOME is different. GEOME is premium. Do not treat GEOME as any other piece of jewelry. As creatures of habit & convenience, people will often put all of their jewelry in one container. We do not recommend this as other materials can harm your fine jewelry. Given enough time, all objects will inevitably succumb to their environment. It's important to create the most luxurious way to store your items as possible. Always use GEOME's containers for storage as they have been made for this purpose.

In conclusion, owning a GEOME item & caring for it properly will ensure maximum enjoyment of your piece. If you need any additional help, please contact us for your questions or concerns. 

Anna Wiese Zimmerman