GEOME specializes in hand-made, high-end, designer fine jewelry with a wearable, yet fashion-forward style. Each piece is made with the highest level of craft using gold, silver, & stunning gemstones- both precious & semi-precious.

The company, established October 2017, is comprised of two visionaries: Anna, who creates all jewelry, styles, & collections independently, & Jordan, a brand strategist & visual communications specialist who manages the brand's creative direction & visuals.



Anna, the sole jewelry designer for GEOME, is a designer with nothing to lose & a passion to create at any cost. She has spent the last 10 years refining her aesthetic, process, & fine jeweling technique in hopes of leaving all work-related ties to build GEOME. That day has finally come. Anna's process is to explore the micro universe of nature in search of compelling compositions. 

In her words, "creation holds so many amazing geometries & patterns.. it really has an overwhelming capacity to surprise & inspire awe, but you need to know how to observe". Once she has found a concept, she can create a staggering number of designs varying in complexity to create a 'collection'. Each collection contains pieces hand-made by her ranging from minimal to extremely elaborate.


a new type of fine jewelry

GEOME creates unique & wearable, high-fashion fine jewelry- a type of jewelry that will set you apart. If you are a bold, fearless, natural trend-setter, or want to be any of the above, then consider one piece by GEOME is a step in the right direction.

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Ethical & Natural Stonework

IT'S OLD NEWS. The diamond industry was artificially created and has never been ethical or regulated. That is why our emphasis is on natural stones- uncut, hewn by earth's natural processes. You receive them how they were created.

jewelry style spectrum

Unique & Flexible Metalwork

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE... OR NOT. Each of our collections has been designed and curated to be a completely unique aesthetic, varying in complexity from simple to ornate. Meaning there are unique styles for anyone bold enough to wear them. 



WE WON'T DENY IT. Our work comes with a premium. Not for vanity's sake, but because each piece has been designed, fashioned, and finished by our master jeweler. It's a high-stakes buy-in. But once you do, know that you own something completely unique.


We do select custom work.  Reach out to us if you have something in mind.