What happens behind the scenes at fashion shows?

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Simply Put...

...A lot more than it might appear. 

Event Coordination

The DSMFW is a Fashion Show in Des Moines, Iowa, that features local & national fashion apparel & accessory designers. It’s an opportunity for the public to view first-hand the arts, culture and talent that their city has to offer. DSMFW has hosted several annual Fall Fashion Shows in the Des Moines Metro, with the first ever Spring Show that happened this past April at the spectacular Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens. Designers debuted their work surrounded by the highly recognizable geodesic dome & a breathtaking tropical jungle environment. Having just founded GEOME in October, naturally, we were thrilled when asked to participate.

Talent Acquisition
GEOME was selected as one of two accessory designers and had the privilege of debuting the NEUTRAL Collection on 11 models that walked the Runway (10 female, 1 male). The other accessory designer was the acclaimed New York eyewear designer & fashionista, Stevie Boi, who has been featured on Vogue and other fashion publications. Other featured designers include: Skeffingtons, Modern Dress, Hannah Swanson, Lauren Hansen, & Crystal Brakhage. Beyond the designers, hair & makeup crew were selected from among the best in Des Moines.

Creative Direction & Preparation
Before the show, there are many things  to do in preparation: creative vision, choosing models, photography, music, model/ attire, styling, designing, coordination, and of course the making of the featured collection (in our case-the NEUTRAL Collection). Once the day finally comes, it’s an absolute whirlwind! There are several hours of prep time before the show so the designers can set up/get organized, the support staff can prep the venue and the beauticians can to do the hair and makeup for all the models. So we styled the jewelry for each model, prepped their attire, and talked about their walk and main pose. But once the show starts it’s absolute chaos & a mad dash for change-ups in time for the next designer’s Runway walk.

..And of course, THE RUNWAY
This year’s Spring Show kicked off the 2018 year for Fashion and was located in the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center. The most perfect and breathtaking venue that could be possibly chosen for a Spring Fashion Show- and GEOME’s ideal setting in which to debut our geometric & nature inspired fine jewelry. It’s truly surreal seeing models feature GEOME’s beautiful work in such an dream-like setting. This venue was in fact, quite unorthodox for this caliber of a fashion show & beyond the tight quarters for the walk, the environment was beyond amazing & made for high-impact & memorable show.

We couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity and experience. The DSMFW Spring Show was a complete success in a dream-of-a-venue & the perfect GEOME debut into the fashion industry.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. The entire production team, support staff, hair, makeup, models, designers, photographers and everyone involved were wonderful to work with & a very special thanks to Camille Renee, the founder of DSMFW, who coordinated the entire event & made it possible for us to participate and embodied DSMFW’s values perfectly: elegance, excellence, professionalism, & passion.

To all our supporters, sponsors, clients, family and friends who've been praying for us and cheering us on, and everyone who came out to support the event: It’s because of each one of you that we are blessed to continue to pursue our dreams to make a better designer fine jewelry company with our gifts & talents!